E-Cell NIT Jamshedpur is an independent student run body operating in the premises of NIT Jamshedpur. We have embarked on a journey to develop and nurture an entrepreneurial spirit in students by familiarising them with the skills and fundas of entrepreneurship. We strive to develop a keen sense of business understanding in the students and therefore train them to identify potential opportunities in the modern world.

Our Vision

To create a sustainable and easily accessible environment where the idea from the quality brains could outreach to building professionals, mentors, venture capitalists and angel investors fostering the growth of startups in India.

Our Mission

To spread awareness about India's growing startup ecosystem and expose students to it's nuances thereby developing an entrepreneurial spirit in the students. We encourage students by educating them about diverse fields and their roles right from ideation to operation.

Our Achievements

Within a year of it's foundation the students of Nit Jamshedpur had an opportunity to represent their institute at state level and there bagged 1st & 3rd prize in technology sector during start-up India Jharkhand Event.

What We Do ?

We help students in developing their entrepreneurship skills & create enthusiasm towards the start-up ecosystem by means of engaging activities like Guest Lectures, Panel Discussions, Business Plan/Model and Idea Pitching sessions. E-Cell NIT Jamshedpur is a team of hardworking and goal oriented individuals, devoted to empowering students in field of entrepreneurship.

Corp. Relations & Networking

  • Our Corporate Relations Team manages corporate connections of E-Cell NIT Jamshedpur spanning, but not limited to, incubators, investors, mentors and other stakeholders which help us in our journey. The team also acts as a liaison between E-Cell and the media for coverage and article writing and publishing. It is the sole point of contact for eminent guests who are involved in E-Cell events.

Social Media and Marketing

  • The team helps in developing and launching marketing campaigns for E-Cell NIT Jamshedpur and its sponsors. The team facilitates our outreach program to educated people even outside the boundaries of NIT Jamshedpur through online events like quiz, word banks, facts and success stories. They solicit contact with people who are interested in helping us achieve our mission goals and objectives.

Web Development

  • E-Cell also constitutes a tech savvy Web Dev team consisting of enthusiastic programmers and talented web developers to e and maintain functionality of our website.
  • They comprise UI/UX designing experts, SEO specialists and full stack developers to implement cutting edge technologies for best user experience.

App development

  • This team consists of seasoned app developers who work on Android Studio IDE that deploy important notifications and event updates on the E-Cell app for easy access of event details and startup news/oppurtunities for students of NIT Jamshedpur.


  • This team forms the backbone of all events E-Cell NIT Jamshedpur hosts including seminars, webinars and competitions in the institute.
  • They are responsible for planning the event, estimating requisites and facilitating a conducive environment for easy functioning.

Creative Designing

  • We have a team of talented designers who materialise ideas in an eye catching form that helps us in imparting highest quality of content with best possible impact in the most simple to understand method. They are responsible for designing of all PR materials and frequently collaborate with almost all the other teams in E-Cell.

Our Skills

Awareness: Our team is always on their toes to catch the latest happenings in the start-up world. From sharing insights on billion dollar valuations to successful and unsuccessful mergers we analyse it all.

Communication : Our team is well versed with communication at the corporate level. Having hosted eminent personalities Forbes 30U30 our experience speaks for itself.

Collaboration : We excel at fostering new relationships with other Entrepreneurship Cells and angel investors to help propagate our agenda of nurturing entrepreneurial thinking in the students of the institute.

Strategy & Analysis 88%
Economic growth 95%
Achieved goals 70%




Positive Reviews





Some Captured Moments

A desire to help and empower others between community contributors in technology
will began to grow in 2020.

"This is the crowd of participants at Day 1, of the start-up Weekend."

"This is a guest lecture by our guest. It was an excellent event organised by our team........."

"This is a guest lecture by our guest. It was an excellent event organised by our team........."

"Mrs. Sujata Chatterjee commemorating the success of the start-up Weekend."

"The Startup Weekend Details..."

"Glimpse of our event organised by our team....."

Latest Events

Recent Events at NIT Jamshedpur organized and Managed by E-Cell,NIT Jamshedpur.

Umesh Rathod - founder of Lean campus Start-ups

His earnest interest in technology led to the development of data communication channel using a Fibre Optic Cable. Apart from his packed calendar he managed to publish a book resonating the thoughts of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, titled "The Fun of being in a Start Up".

Mrs. Sujata Banerjee - Founder and Managing Director of Twirl. Store

Twirl basically means to go around or spin the name Twirl for brand signifies the Sustainable circle & according to her the notion behind Twirl. Store is sustainable fashion which favours society and environment, by creating a sustainable cycle with networks across the country.

Mr. Aakarshan Sethi - Senior Project Consultant, Ernst & Young.

He is currently on advisory of 5 startup communities and as a board of advisor and mentor of 8 different startup companies. He has been part of several events as Judge, Mentor, Trainer etc.

A road To statUp - ceo of ranchi mall

Ranchi Mall is a new localised ecommerce venture with a special focus on digital intellectual product. Ranchi Mall has been involved with with the FLO Blockchain ecosystem since July. FLO is an actively traded cryptocurrency on Poloneix & Bittrex against BTC(bitcoins).

Ankit prasad - ceo of bobble keyboard

Bobble keyboard is an app which applies a selfie of the user to a database of stickers, GIFs, emojis among other in an effort to make texting more impressive and visual. Backed by 16 reputed angel investors, and SAIF partners, India’s most successful VC fund. Forbes 30 under 30 Asia awardee.

Official logo launch

The logo of E-cell Nit Jamshedpur is designed with the vision to provide the framework to perceive the concept of entrepreneurship and move their ideas to a new level.


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