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The Mechanical Extravaganza

As we slowly return to the normal , Mechanical Engineering Department of NIT Jamshedpur is back with it's annual festival COGNITIO'22 , this time with the theme of startup India ~ UNICORN ODYSSEY! A melange of technology, innovation and inspiration. Since it's inception in 2017, the festival has grown exponentially. Cognitio was born out of the desire to increase technical awareness amongst students. This festival aims to provide a platform for budding engineers , students to showcase their talent. With the focus on the technical aspects, Cognitio is the college's road map for promising engineering students to realize their dreams.

People grow when they are challenged! When you are competing with peers ,your capability to "suit-up" for the occasion makes the difference. COGNITIO provides you with ample opportunities to prove your mettle. Mechanical Engineering Department's annual fest , brings a plethora of challenging events, testing your imagination, creativity, agility, and more than all, perseverance.

This grand fest is a three-day extravaganza beginning from 14th October to 16th october' 22. It gives the students an opportunity to showcase their abilities in working in teams, managing time and people. This fest is way more than just a series of events. We have something in store for everyone of you out there that challenges your intellect and piques your mind. Get ready as you join hundreds of students and young engineers to ignite innovation , participate in stimulating competitions, develop new skills, and most importantly celebrate Engineering!

The Events

India is emerging as a world leader in the field of innovation, and new age start-ups are the fore runners of this development. This years quriosity will be on start-ups...


Strength of mechanical models and engineering structures is an important area of study and experimentation. Concept and principles dealing with truss systems...


Mechanical engineering deals with making of machines that makes our life easier. The current era is all about creating technology that are highly efficient in ...

Elevator Pitch

COGNITIO’22 brings a unique opportunity to test your mettle in form of ELEVATOR PITCH. In this event, the participants must present their unique startup idea....

Place Station

Do you consider yourself an all-rounder? Do you have a unique way of accomplishing goals? Do you stand out in a crowd? Come enter this corporate labyrinth...


With the advent of Make in India, industries are transforming to a new generation. This advancement demands the engineers to showcase their skills and prove...


Design skills leads to augmentation of visualization and multi-dimension quality check of models supported by detailed analysis reports. Designing and ...

Battle of Bureaucrats

Bureaucracy is the permanent Executive branch of the Republic of India. Civil Servants in India are the unsung heroes of Indian Federal...

Dictum Symposium

Greatest quality of a leader is wisdom of opinion and way of expression. COGNITIO ’22 brings you the opportunity to get into the war of words...

Shoot at Sight

Propulsion systems are highly powerful driving technologies enabling the physical essence of distant places. The event deals with water propulsion system in rocket...

Open Stage

Cognitio’22 isn’t just limited to technical and managerial events. It also promotes the cultural aspect of a student’s life. Open Stage will ensure that...





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