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Gyrating about the branch, CIVIL ENGINEERING SOCIETY was established in 2008 by the students of NIT Jamshedpur. This was the result of fervent demeanor of several civil engineers who were looking for a common platform for the civil engineers all round the country, to share their views and ideas. The Civil Engineering Society (CES), an NIT Jamshedpur initiative is intensifying day by day since the day of its opening. This tree with its root in NIT JSR, is growing its branches all round the country. At present the society has its member working in reputed firms, students of different colleges etc. Due to lots of prolific activities conducted by society such as Guest Lectures, it has developed links with officials and renowned personalities too. The working approach of CES is very lucid. It basically regroups the persons, with different ideologies, who have travelled a common path of civil engineering. We have first year as well as alumni of 90s batch in our member list thereby creating a common stage for younkers and Big Daddy of this field. This experience difference nourishes the young ones a lot and guides them through the complexities. Thus society has evolved a pretty new creed of Learning from the Learned Ones.

Here in the society, members Discuss over several topics, put forward their innovative ideas (and get valuable suggestions over them too), compare among the firms and conclude the best one (based on the data provided by the alumni already working with the firms), compete to take the best out of them (by participating in tests conducted) get an access to various e-books, latest facts about civil engineering and much more study materials, aid by their seniors in achieving internships, sponsorships etc. and the list seems to be endless. CES, till now has done appreciable works for the advancement of its students and will be continuing the same in future too. Rather than society, it has developed into a big, very big family where every younger is taken care of by their elders. A great thanks to its founding fathers from the each fortunate member of the society, as they owe a lot to CES.


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